Moodboard ELI-two

Our dream

We want the pieces to be valued beyond seasons or trends, for them to be treasured, loved, shared, borrowed or bequeathed; that is the permanent beauty we seek. We want to redefine the concept of the object, by adding value through art, craftsmanship, design, experience, and storytelling.

Our values

Every collection is born from a concept, an idea, a curiosity, an aesthetic or artistic concern. Colors and materials are carefully chosen and lines are meticulously traced to capture and thoughtfully bring to life the essence of the desired idea. We design consciously and produce carefully close to home. We are also committed to preserving the beauty and transcendence of craftsmanship.

Our community

When it comes to produce and consume, we believe that things need time to mature, and sensitive to the beauty of the time, we thoughtfully select durability and quality. We also value one of a kind or limited, well-crafted, meaningful and timeless items and designs. Nature, art, culture and life’s little treasures inspire us every day; sharing it with you and having you share them with us is very enriching.

Our story

ELI-two was born from the concern to revalue fashion in an artistic, conceptual, and handcrafted way. A timeless and long-lasting style, both functionally and emotionally, is the result of the sensitive use in colors, materials and volumes, along with a good design. Likewise, working with the same philosophy, a series of paintings and illustrations are made.


Its founder, Elixabet Perdiguero, is a fashion designer and artist, and studied Fashion Design (Barcelona and Central Saint Martins), and Haute Couture masterclasses (Balenciaga Museum). She has worked for Intercolor association –creating color trends– and for fashion brands such as Yerse and Boboli. She was European Fashion Award Finalist and won GetxoModa Young Designers’ contest in 2019. Currently, she is a resident designer in Tabakalera, an International Center for Contemporary Culture (San Sebastian).